Jenny Canter

She is strong willed and career driven.
She is bitterly disappointed at being replaced by Wells.


Jason Davis

Small time drug pusher and dealer, suspected of supplying Seye and Stibble.

Probable cause as primary suspect.



The Coroner

Coroner, Leslie Haines shows more than professional interest in the Digit Serial Killings, and has inside knowledge of Police procedure.



Rod Stibble

Drug addict brother of Lana Seye, has links to Jason Davis. Unpredictable.

Possible motives , jealousy and money.



The Bartender

Exhibits sociopathic tendencies and has access to women through his work at the Comedy Club


Jerry Windsor

Businessman with dubious past, lied about his involvement with Lana Seye possible links to drug dealer



Jack Kain

Lead Detective, has raised suspicion due to his single

minded preoccupation with controlling the investigation.



Dorothy Parker

Call girl who frequents Comedy Club has known links to Clark, Davis and Clara Vincent




Tom Watts

Kain's boss, unexpectedly brought in outsider Wells, has raised suspicion in the handling of the Serial Killer Case.





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